Why add a 1-2-1?

I experimented with adding on 1-2-1 support at the end of the course the third time I ran it. This is the difference it made:

Everyone who booked AND turned up for their half hour post-course meeting came to the session on the ball, with a mostly thought out plan in place for what investing accounts they were going to set up and when.

Those who already had a pension knew what they wanted to change or add to it. Those who didn’t have a pension knew what their next steps were and how a pension fit into that.

They all had questions, and there were a couple of places where I made minor suggestions.

So why book a 1-2-1 at all?

During the course you get all the information you need, and we do a workshop where we do quite a bit of the strategy planning ie what you’re going to invest in. You’ll be able to go and do the research into which platforms are available to you and open the accounts.

But, for a lot of people that next step still feels daunting and they just need someone to walk it through with.

Because it can be easy to push it down the list of things to do … at some point. The To Do list looks overwhelming. You put off planning … for a day or two … that becomes a week or two.

People who came to a 1-2-1 meeting had the accountability factor. Someone – me! – was going to ask what their plan was. And just knowing that meant people made a plan.

So adding a 1-2-1 is for you if

  • you’re the kind of person who likes accountability
  • you struggle to get To Do list items ticked off
  • you can get overwhelmed by doing research.

What you’ll get

If you have a plan and/or questions, we’ll go over them in a half hour call and I’ll follow up with you twice by email to see how you’re getting on and if you need any other help.

If you’ve not got the plan in place, that’s perfectly normal! In that case, we’ll work out what’s blocking you and plan your next step. Then I’ll follow up with you twice by email to see how you’re getting on.

Book now or wait?

Up to you! You can book one now if you recognise yourself in the above. Or you can wait and see how you feel at the end of the course or beyond. (I’d say if you’re one month post course and nothing is open, you need a spoonful of support to get you over the hump!)

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