What’s your financial health?

Time to check your financial health!

About a year and a half ago, a friend sent me a checklist of things to tick off to determine my financial health. She and I both did pretty badly and we both knew we would going into the quiz.

Doing a quiz like that while already knowing the results is a strange thing. If we knew what the results would be, why did we need to do the check up? Morbid curiosity?

I think the moment we’re willing to ask the questions, we’re opening up to hearing the answers. And, from there, we’re one step closer to the solutions.

For both my friend and me, the solution to the savings-doing-nothing situation was to learn about investing. We even set up a What’s app chat specifically for sharing and discussing finance stuff. In fact. that conversation has just become part of our normal catch ups about work, life, kids etc because investing has become a normal regular part of our lives too.

I’ve written my own financial health check quiz to help you start having that conversation with yourself. It only takes a minute and you probably already know the results. Take it as a step towards finding solutions to your financial health issues.

But also take the health check quiz if you’re curious how you compare with a sample population of other ELT professionals. It’s all anonymous and even I won’t be able to see whose email goes with which answers!

Before making the quiz generally available, I piloted it via Facebook, among my personal ELT network and then via wider ELT Facebook groups. I collected and wrote up the anonymous results of 50 people and collated the results and insights from their answers. It’s a fascinating window into the financial health of the ELT commnity (albeit not a robust piece of scientific data!). I’ve since updated the results to take into account 126 of the people who have completed the quiz before you.

What ARE other people’s levels of financial health?

So if you’re curious, morbidly or otherwise, head over to the quiz, answer the questions anonymously, view your results and get a score based on your answers. (NB, the Google form shows you the score bands BEFORE your actual result in a different tab so watch out for that.)

A couple of hours later, I’ll send you the report, in two separate emails, so you can compare your overall score with 126 people who took the quiz before you and see some interesting/nosy highlights from the data on specific questions.

Things like

  • What percentage of this group of ELT professionals has a pension?
  • Or an emergency fund?
  • What percentage earns some form of passive income?
  • Are any of them are actually investing and, if so, do they understand what they’re invested in?

A peek into other people’s money is a chance you don’t get often.


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