Thank you for buying a place on the course!

Congratulations on taking the first step to being Pension Perfect! This is a savvy move towards your financial security and I’m very happy for you as I never had this stuff sorted until a couple of years ago. Now I feel much more relaxed about everything and I know you will too.

Also, some reassurance. Pensions sound boring (I know, honestly!) but the class is fun and interesting, easy to follow and easy to put into action. Pensions are basically free money. There’s nothing boring about that!

The course will be live on Sept 20th and you’ll get an email reminders with all the dates, times of the class and the follow up support, and the link to join the session (on Google Meet). There will be a recording too if you can’t make it live so don’t worry! You’re not going to miss anything though if you can come live, please do, as you get to ask questions in the moment.

Next steps

You should have received an invoice/receipt automatically from Thrivecart as well as a login link. And you should get a welcome email from me which has your login link too. Everything you need to do the course is in the course platform, including an onboarding form for you to fill in which will help me tailor the course – another perk of you doing it live! you can use it to tell me what you’d like to learn about pensions and some other quick info that will be useful for me.

But both of these may go into your spam or directly into the bin as some email junk filters are really overzealous so please check and rescue them as otherwise you might not see your login link and miss the reminder emails.

Other than that, see you on Sept 20th!

Speaking of pensions by the way, if you’re from the UK or have worked there for 3+ years, here’s a free copy of my handout with everything you need to know about making up NationaI insurance contributions so you can claim a state pension no matter whether you live in the UK now, later or never.

Just click below to get the pdf (it’s also in the course platform).

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