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Deep Talk: Advanced English Discussions with Rhiannon ELT

(Podcast aimed at learners) Why we should all become investors! Today I’m joined by Nicola to talk to us about investing our money (even if we’ve never thought we were anywhere close to being ready to invest!)

ESL Breakroom

Investing for ELTers: Join us in this episode as we look at why we as an industry are particularly susceptible to being left in the dark when it comes to investing, and hear how Nicola is empowering us to change that.

Learn Your English Network interview

May 2023, Investing in your Future Self

In this episode, Nicola dives into:

  • how her childhood impacts her relationship with money
  • why many teachers sweep finances under the rug
  • what investing is and what it isn’t
  • demystifying limiting beliefs about investing
  • why it’s never too late
  • how “desperation is the mother of research, self study, and self improvement”
  • why precarity in our industry is more reason to invest in yourself, not less


March, 2023. Nicola breaks down the barrier of talking about money in the ELT industry, and shares why investing your money is so important. We discuss pensions, investment tips, and where you can go to find out more about managing your finances whilst working in ELT.

ESL Talk

February 2023, In this episode, we meet Nicola Prentis, also known as the Chilled Investor, who shares her journey moving from ELT into the world of supporting ESL teachers to better manage their money, and put it to work for them!

Nicola explains that people who work in ELT work hard and often don’t earn much, and gives her advice and tips on how to better manage your money.

Get richer, teacher! with Ola Kowalska

Jan 2023, What you should but don’t know about investing your money as a teacher:

  • why should we invest our money?
  • why don’t people invest their money more?
  • what mindset blocks do educators have that make it difficult to make effective financial decisions.

ELT Under the Covers

Nicola started out as we normally do, trotting across the globe with an MA in English Language Teaching in hand, but she quickly branched out as an educator going behind the scenes into academic management, and becoming a published writer with a concentration on graded readers. She then went one step further and transferred her skills from teaching into copyediting, content writing, and her latest venture investing where she helps us prodigal teachers get to grips with our financials.

Learn Your English Network

Webinar for Learn Your English Network, Nov 2022: Investing: how to put your profits to work for you

Teachers Talk Radio

Teachers Talk Radio podcast interview Nicola Prentis, chilled investor

Teachers Talk Radio with Harry Waters, interview about money, Oct 2022 (starts 15 mins in)

EFL Magazine podcast

EFL magazine - investing interview Nicola Prentis

Podcast interview, EFL magazine, July 2022

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