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I’m Nicola Prentis and I can teach you how to put your money to work by demystifying investing and giving you the tools, knowledge and mindset to take charge of your finances without the help (and expense) of a financial advisor.

Until 2021, I knew nothing about money or pensions, or investing. I was a good saver but teaching and writing aren’t high earners. So I couldn’t raise a deposit for a house and, as a freelancer, no bank would give me a mortgage anyway.

I thought investing was scary, complicated, risky and just not for me. I thought personal finance meant spending hours learning about boring things I didn’t know the words for. I forced myself to sort out my UK public pension and what I was eligible for in Spain, where I work and live now. The numbers were depressing and frightening.

But while I was thinking about money, I was struck by the thought:

Rich people don’t work for money, their money works for them. 

And that set me on the path to finding out how I could at least make a bit of that magic work for me with my modest savings and pitiful income. I didn’t become rich overnight, or even over a longer spell. But I did start earning money that wasn’t tied to hours in front of a computer and I’m investing money to grow over the long haul. 

To my surprise, I’ve discovered a genuine interest and excitement for personal finance. I started reading books about money and listening to investing podcasts for fun. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to go that far yourself!) Now a chunk of my income per year comes from various kinds of passive investments, freeing me up to do more of the things I actually want to do. 

I know that people who work in ELT work hard and often don’t earn much. I understand the complicated relationship educators and creatives sometimes have with money.

I’m not promising to make you rich.

But I, Nicola Prentis, am guaranteeing you’ll transform your understanding of what money can do for you and be motivated to get your money working just as hard as you are.

Before the course started, I had no idea about investing. But it’s not only knowledge that I’ve gained. The course also helped me work on my mindset and realise that I really should be investing. And now I am absolutely ready to invest!

Michelle Worgan, ELT author and trainer
Inclusive Approaches for Primary ELT

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