Should you make up National Insurance contributions?

Should you make up national insurance contributions from abroad? Short answer, “probably yes” but why and how?

Get your Emergency fund off your To Do list

Have you got an emergency fund – money tucked away somewhere if your income stops for some reason? No? Let’s change that, starting the moment you sign up for my one-hour workshop on how to build an emergency fund. The bedrock of financial security is knowing you’ve got money to pay your essential living costs…

What’s the ROI on investing in an investing course?

Only one person has ever directly asked how much money they can expect to make from investing given that my beginner investing course itself costs 485€ which isn’t pocket money. What they’re really asking is: what’s the ROI on investing in my course? Here’s the breakdown.

Can investing help with the cost of living crisis?

How, and why, does investing help you achieve financial stability in a time of energy crisis and inflation?


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