FREE webinar – Overcoming the money problem in ELT

The majority of ELT professionals aren’t high-earners, we all know that.

Whether you’re a teacher earning the same as you would be if you’d just left high school or a materials writer being continually beaten in the race to the bottom over fees, low income is a problem. And if you’re a freelancer, erratic income only adds to the problems.


So, other than earning more what can you do about it?


You can get on top of some basic personal finance strategies.


I’ll tell you on this free webinar specially designed with ELT professionals in mind because that’s my background too. I’m a former EFL teacher who was boomeranging around the globe before settling in Spain where I became a materials writer.

Neither career ever earned me very much money, yet I still managed to overcome those obstacles. I mastered my money situation and set up various financial safety nets for the present and the future by teaching myself about personal finance.

I’ll talk you through them in a FREE webinar on Tuesday, November 21st at 11 am CET (Spain).

Come live if you can so you can ask questions, or catch up on the recording.

Are these scenarios familiar?

  • You’re highly qualified, maybe even up to PhD level, but you’re earning under 1500€ a month with a job that boots you out every summer.
  • You’re a writer being offered ever lower fees for the same work.
  • You’re a freelancer who’s suddenly lost half your clients and need to search for more.

OK, so the solution lies in changing employer, charging higher prices and getting better clients. And there are plenty of people teaching how to go about doing that.

But what can you do BEFORE you even get to that point?

I’m talking about mastering money so you’re better able to weather low-income periods and so your future finances look better than today and yesterday.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to improve your money management and your financial future whatever you’re earning.

Register below for the webinar and find out the strategies that will give you financial security.

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