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52-week saving challenge

Save £1378 (or € or $) in 52 weeks!

A printable savings tracker and monthly emails with tips and motivation to keep saving,

Financial health check

Get it calculated, built, work out where to put it, and overcome the money blocks that might derail you.

A 1-minute (anonymous) survey about your finances followed by a report comparing your results to a sample population in ELT

Info about National Insurance Contributions overseas

Probably yes, if you’re from the UK or have worked there for 3 years, because it means you can claim a full state pension.

A pdf explaining everything about why, how and what to do about National Insurance if you move abroad.

Weekly newsletter

A (usually) weekly newsletter with not-too-much finance. Writing is my favourite thing so my newsletter quickly became my favourite thing about having a business.

Emergency fund workshop

Get it calculated, built, work out where to put it, and overcome the money blocks that might derail you.

Self-study class with 3 videos, downloadable calculator spreadsheet, 37€ (excl VAT if applicable)

Money monsters mini course

Uncover the role money fears are playing in your life and get those “money monsters” out into the light.

Self-study class with 4 videos, reflective exercise and analysis, 49€ (excl VAT if applicable)

The chilled investor, beginner investor course

Everything you need to know to go from absolute beginner to putting your money to work for you and build financial security.

6-week course with video lessons and 3 live classes plus downloadable worksheets, 525€ (excl VAT if applicable)

“The course was delivered in a way that a non-finance mind like mine could understand. Nicola’s use of metaphor and simile simplified concepts for me. I found the course materials easy and relatable. Videos were not just talking, but the use of diagrams and pictures showed that she put a lot of thought into the learning materials. As a teacher, I really appreciated this touch.”

Shifa Desai

“Nicola’s course has helped me to understand how investing can be made to work for individuals, not just for big business. I now understand lots of different terms and am much more aware of the places I can go to invest my money. Nicola also encouraged us to come up with specific plans, and to get started with our investing, not just think about in general or do it one day, maybe. There’s a really supportive atmosphere on the course, and you can learn at your own pace.

Don’t hesitate to do the course – it will more than pay for itself over time, and you’ll be more confident about money in general, not just about investing. It’s absolutely worth it!”

Sandy Millin
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