Is ELT ready for Affiliate Marketing?

In business and marketing, affiliate marketing is desirable, not sleazy tactics. Yet, in ELT, we aren’t comfortable with it. Why?

Which course to choose?

If you’re not sure whether to go for Pension Perfect or my beginner investing course, the chilled investor, here’s a guide to help. What you’ll learn What pensions are and how they work, the benefits of having a pension, what to think about when choosing one. Who it’s for Anyone who doesn’t have a pension, … Read more

Are you a risk-taking chicken?

Risk-taking chicken … this phrase struck really struck me, sparked by a Facebook conversation about investing – or more specifically, NOT investing – with a fellow ELT-er who wasn’t ready to learn about it. It really resonated with me because I think I’m both a chicken and a risk-taker too. Before I had children, I never stayed … Read more