A new course on money mindset

Is this you and your money mindset?

  • Taking too close a look at money feels terrifying.
  • You know you need to sort out your finances but you don’t even want to think about it, let alone look at your accounts. 
  • You fear what you might find when you start looking at your finances.
  • You’re afraid you won’t be able to solve or improve the situation even if you do look. 
  • You’re scared it’s too late to do anything about it.

The more people I work with, or meet at conferences, or who contact me online, the more I hear one feeling over and over: “I’m scared of money stuff.” 

Money fears are a particularly scary kind of monster hiding under the bed because money is tightly wound up in our emotions. If you’ve spent years hiding from monsters, they’ll grow bigger and bigger in your mind.

And that’s a problem for three reasons:

  1. Living in fear of an essential part of life means more stress, more worries, more problems.
  2. Fears around money hold you back from taking all sorts of next steps in your life and work.
  3. Fear blocks you from creating a secure financial future for yourself.

All of THAT means the fear will be with you for your whole life, all the time, causing even more stress, worries and problems.

I’ve got something to help. 

Something that will unearth what I call “money monsters” and bring them into the light so you’re better placed to deal with them. 

Something that will help you open the topic of money with less fear and replace it with curiosity.

Make friends with your money monsters – a mini-course on money mindset

I’ve brushed off a REALLY powerful self-exploration tool I developed after coming across the research on my MA ELT. I’ve used it a few times during my life and it always uncovers hidden drivers and fears that are affecting how I make decisions without me realising. 

For example, in 2013, I had severe writer’s block over a second novel, dragging it out over months, lacking inspiration, and falling behind the deadline. I used this exercise to work out why. The results meant I identified my fears and was able to put a plan in motion to finish the book in a few weeks.

Another time, I used it to answer the mystery of why, when I had chosen to go back to the UK to do an MA, put down roots and build a career, before I’d even finished my thesis, I’d booked my ticket abroad again. The exercise helped me undertand that my motivation for most things in life had been avoiding my huge fear of boredom. That realisation allowed me to start making much more stable, long-term-thinking decisions after that.

If you could apply a technique like that to your money mindset, what could YOU achieve or change?

My “Make friends with your money monsters” workshop will take two to three hours to work through (it’s half reflective task, half analysis of the reflections, plus four very short videos to guide you through). It’s in bite-size chunks so you don’t have to do it all at once!

It goes deep and the highly revealing results will help you understand yourself, what’s been driving and holding you back, and how those money mindset things are woven into other areas of your life.

With that understanding comes the increased ability to break negative patterns and make different choices.

You’ll feel more able to look at your finances and take steps to change your financial future and build security into it. 

** Price excludes VAT. VAT is charged at 21% automatically for any customer within the EU.

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